Tuesday, 22 September 2009

A Poem to strenghten and give hope


Do not be disheartened by the fickle ways of man,

What you cannot do alone, turn to a God who can.

He knows of all your anguish, He lives through all your pain.

He will come again to heal you, He will fall afresh like rain.

Turn to the light and you will see the shadows cast behind you,

Let the love of God return and let the Spirit find you.

Trials and tribulations are just a passing fad,

By the works of the Master’s hand, He has made me glad.

Hold on, hold on, pray, persevere

The Lord your God is drawing near,

A test of will and a test of faith,

Beneath His wings sound and safe.

Do not give in to the devils lies,

Lift your head and raise your eyes

To the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings,

Unto His flock His comfort brings

So shed no tears and show no grief,

The devil is a liar and the devil is a thief.

Soon you will see through the tears in your eyes,

The Grace of the Lord will let you arise.

Ian Field ©

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