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An excerpt from - 'To be somebody's father' by Jeremiah Walker

To be somebody’s father


This book is being written by someone who just wanted to get his thoughts out of his mind and onto paper, in an attempt to come to terms with both his own past upbringing and his present situation, as a married but separated, father with four children.

The writer touches on many aspects of his life, with themes such as uncertainty, constant probing of his own thought process and motivations, with the backdrop of his faith featuring throughout the later years of his story. It should be made clear that this is a biography with the sole intention of being shared to encourage others, especially men, or one could say boys to men, living life, searching, in relationships, starting out in family life or just trying to get through.

Although the title would give the impression that this book is entirely focused on parenthood, it is not. The writer touches on many other facets of our society as his story is unfolded; such as disadvantaged youth and communities, the capital world, the world and morality and the writers own struggle to understand who he is within life, his role as the figurehead of his family, his call to community and his faith.

The writer is a product of inner city London, Hackney in the 1970’s. The writer, being born in 1969 to parents of West African origin did not know his own father until he was eighteen years of age. For his formative years, the writer was to his own knowledge an ‘only child’, with no mention to his father ever being made until a few weeks before his meeting with his father. The writer spends the first part of the book painting the picture of a child trying to find his own identity in East London, having been placed with foster parents, which concluded with his final placement in the rural setting of a little village in Kent whilst his mother continued with her professional training.

It is important to remember that as you the reader are invited on this journey through the life of our writer, that the book is not attempting to be an instruction manual to life or the Christian faith. No this is an invitation to journey with one of the billions of people ever born into our world and share with his life challenges, stresses and experiences in a hope that some may be able to relate and maybe even find some form of strength as they go through their own life journey. It is also important to remember that the final chapter of this book is still yet to be written.
D. Graham, a friend.

Watch out for more excerpts in the coming months.

Brother Don.

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