Sunday, 20 December 2009

The Horrors of Addiction

Back on the 26th of September I wrote a post entitled 'what has happened to war on drugs?'. I wrote that Blog because I felt and still feel horrified at how substance misuse has become a norm in our societies. Back in the days you could serve a lengthy term for supplying Cannabis and other drugs, but for some (in my opinon) crazy reason the UK government reduced Cannabis to a class C drug prior to this year, but thankfully in 2009 they have re-classified it back to a class B (re-classification). Many (including I) believe Cannabis to be a lead in drug and would like to see it go even higher than class B. I know of people who have had their lives wrecked/destroyed because of the use of this drug and the paranoia, the schizophrenia and other symptoms that destroy the lives of those directly addicted and for many, their families and friends, with often children being the innocent victims who suffer the aftermath of dysfunctional family setting (I believe substance misuse [whether use or supply] comes into this category), by either having to be raised by other family members (I salute you) or going into social services care (foster parents - again  I salute those of you who have the heart and are not counting up the financial rewards - Keeping it real). In the aforementioned Blog I also linked into some James Brown songs about the horrors, intent (of the drug itself) and after effects of those inprisoned by heroin addiction (could be any drug).

Again I want to highlight this yoke, oppression, bondage and in many ways - burden of mankind by recommending a film that is a powerful depiction of four lives destroyed by additcion. I should add that one of the additions was in relation to food. I beleive the film is focusing on Addiction itself in any form and not just those that are highlighted.

The film is called 'A Requiem for a dream' and I would strongly recommend to watch it if you can or pass on the information to someone else. I have linked the trailer for the film:

Brother Don, why do you write these things or make these type of recommendations? Well I believe the problem is that there are not enough people who do or will do just that. I am a community person who does get into the heat of things and put my nose where many would say it is not my business, with the soul motivation of seeing the best in people and helping them to achieve the best in themselves - should they so choose. I will not be another 'It didn't effect me and so I said nothing' person, it's just not in my make up.

Back in May 2002 I stood in the local elections as a candidate for the Christian Peoples Alliance. We did not do any canvassing or campaigning as the exercise was to get the party on the ballot sheet and get the name out there as an option in order for a focused representation over the years to follow. I was humbled that 99 people voted for me (see results by clicking here and then the - Brent local elections May 2002 results). I felt led by God to stand and this was after driving into the scene of a young man who had been stabbed in the leg and later died as a result of his injuries (see the report here). I still remember seeing that young man lying motionless on the ground as he was being attended to by a responsible man within the community (we need these type of people). I began asking the crowds what had happened and there was silence; I got quite angry as the majority were all the same age as the victim (Kayer Osman) and I started saying to the crowd that the same could very easily happen to them (this was Harlesden, London where at the time both shootings and stabbings were not an irregular happening) and how would their families feel if no-one spoke out. I was in tears the following morning when I called the police station, only to be told that Kayser (having survived war torn somalia) had died. When in prayer some weeks after I felt led to stand at the local elections and so I did. What I saw at the count that evening was nothing short of what I would describe as disgusting. I saw so many candidates there who were scurrying around talking deals and power hungry. I wondered what the constituents who had voted, would have thought if they were able to witness what I was seeing. So getting back to my point and my appeal to you, please get involved in your communities, stand up for what is right (not putting your personal safety at risk), support your local law enforcement and local authority (governing bodies).

There are many types of addiction and the film focuses on those that are commonly known, but I challenge you all to look deep into yourselves and those around you, by looking at the less prominent addictions such as CREDIT (YES I am going to go there on that one very soon indeed), self importance and another biggie UNFORGIVENESS. Brother Don, you seem to be determined to try and get into my business somehow or somewhere - Yes that's right, it's because i want to see the best for you. I would never try to dictate to anyone, but would always like to highlight issues and let people know that they are not alone, but the fact that they are not alone is not a general acceptance of an issue or ideology, but a support to say, i know where you are at and this could be a better way for you, if you want to take it. I also want to have this Blog be more interactive so that people can communicate and get the support and comradeship that they need and deserve. Remember that many addictions, although they may seem to be a private issue can often overlap into becoming a community issue.

Watch the trailer, see the film, recommend it, change a life.

Love Brother Don.

1 Thessalonians 5:21 (New Living Translation)
21 but test everything that is said. Hold on to what is good.

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