Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas or just getting through it?

He is our shepherd

He is our living water

Merry Christmas to you and your families.

For those who are on your own, this Christmas, I pray it is by choice, but if it is not then you are united to more people then you think as there are many of us doing exactly that. although I have to admit, my day did start with my kids, but they are now at my estranged wife's house.

A friend recently said to me that they were comfortable in their singleness. Wow I thought, what an awesome place to be; I for one am not in that place - Well being a father and having been a husband to a household of six including me for the last six years and husband for seven going eight years - I was far from having 30 seconds of singleness to myself, much less anything else. I am not kidding; some of you may be thinking that the sanctity of being in the lavatory is sacred, but not to children it isn't. You can of course take the hard line approach of locking them out, but when you have heard the crying and wailing for more occassions then you would have liked, mixed in with the sleep deprevation that comes hand in hand with children (the more children you have, get used to less sleep), you get to the place where if you can sneak in thirty seconds on your own then you are thankful. Which would you prefer then Brother Don? That really doesnt need to be asked; i go with the sleep deprevation and the loving interuptions, intrusions on my privacy and dodgy presents that come with having your children at home with you, any day.

So now things have changed and I am one of those fathers who visits or is visited by his children (not my choice I will add). So I know what it is like to shed bucket loads of tears on Christmas day and no they are not tears of joy over the wonderful presents I received. I did make one request, but that evidently seems to have fallen upon deaf ears, but things must be on the up as I had a towel gift set this year instead of a pair of sock (I kid you not). For those single men who are going into marriage and fatherhood, I say this; if you want a decent man gadget present, then you had better buy it yourself or die waiting with nothing to show but wrapping paper disappointment and the acquired skill of smilling through major - sock again - disappointment. Oh yes, you are not likely to have your name tag on more then one of the twenty or so under the tree and have a guess what that is likely to be....... Yep, you got it! A message to the women out there; it is because of such routinely disappointment, that throughout the year many men have a habit of buying this technie fobe gadgets that seem to be unnecessary, so spare a though before lambasting them over their new purchase.

So my single brothers out there (sorry sisters, I do not know what it is like for you, but imagine - every bit as painful), I am there with you and say this..............Boxing day will come, if you can make it through this day..

Let us not forget, the true message of Christmas should be what it is really about and the true message is of hope for mankind for 'Unto us a child was born who took the separation (because of sin) of children from their loving Father upon His own shoulders, so that we through trust and faith in Him, could be redeemed and reconciled to Father God'. See Isaiah Chapter 9, verses 2 to 7.

There is hope and it/He is there all year round. I celebrate the birth of Jesus and Easter (His journey and finished works at the cross) everyday throughout the year. You see the sins of mankind were placed upon His shoulders and so if you can understand and beleieve that then you may be on the road to understanding that a lot of what we go through is actually 'double jeopardy' as the price has already been paid.

The true message of Christmas is far deeper and reaching then is given exposure to in this day in age. Maybe it is time to start preaching the Easter message at Christmas and vice versa.

What do I know, truth be told - very little. I just beleive in sharing as it may touch a cord with someone and in doing so, I and they have a connection, despite their location in the world.

God bless you, a Happy 'Hope' day and a year filled of new oppertunites ahead, if you will dare to have faith and dare to beleieve for something different to what you may have experienced for the past however long.

Love you, Brother Don.

1 Thessalonians 5:21 (New Living Translation)
21 but test everything that is said. Hold on to what is good.

He willingly came in the form of sinful man
in order that we could be reconciled by His
Death to our loving Father, His Father.

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