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Do not cast away your hope - Tomorrow will come - Updated on the 4th Jan 10

2009 was a very hard year for Brother Don but amongst that there were such great advancements too.

Updated text in blue font below on the 4th Jan 10.

Emotionally I had to deal with many issues that I had been running from since I was a child. As a child, not wanting to get married for fear of it not working, not wanting to have kids for fear of not being a good father (as I never had mine around), not wanting to take on managerial jobs for fear of failing to name just a few. Since I started to walk with God and gave over my life to Him, I have had to face many of my fears and have been surprised as to just how I have got through them. Is it a painful journey? Emotionally yes. Does it actually bring about development in your life? For me yes (this depends on how you deal with challenges and even disappointments). So would you chose to go through these challenges knowing that it produces good fruit in you? HELL NO! Sorry for being so blunt on this but pain is pain and I would rather be led by God into something unknowingly at times rather than seeing the fire and saying I'll jump into it. Apostle Peter I one day will shake you by the hand and say 'Well done old chap' - Stepping out of a boat (see the book of Matthew, Chapter 14, verses 22 to 33 - from the Bible) took the world of courage and although many would say that the boat was going to sink anyway, to actually step out onto the water and by faith facing the fear of the storm, but allowing your faith in the Lord to override that fear, is in my eyes an magnanimous faith step. The rewards for Peter were many in regards to his development, but lets not lose site of verse 29 'he (Peter) walked on water' yes, not Jesus as He was already doing so, but ordinary fisherman Peter. I am quite sure as a fisher man one of his biggest fear may very well have been drowning and to ask any fisherman if they could step out or would step out of a boat in a tumultuous storm, would be an interesting poll to complete. 

I would like you to take a listen to two well known songs that I have looked up on You tube, as I beleive both of them help to illustrate what I am saying. Life can be very challenging for many of us for a multitude of different reasons and we must always remember not to judge the effects that an issue may have on someone based upon our own understanding or indeed experiences of a similar event. We are not them and sayings  such as a casuak 'you'll get over it or you just need to forget about it' can very often plunge the pain that people feel their hearts, even deeper. When comforting, supporting (on a non-professional basis) take note of the recommendations I made in my post Lessons from Job - 11th September 09 you may also want to see A sisters response to - Lessons from Job - 11th September 09.

Back to the songs:

Yes as I have stated it can be so very hard for different reasons, but fighting for what is right with the right heart and motivation is key. You can not bend the rules in one area to try and achieve what you believe to be a justified cause.

There is nothing I need to say to this I will just add this scripture:

Hebrews 10:35 (New King James Version)

35 Therefore do not cast away your confidence (Hope - DG), which has great reward.

I watched a programme with investigative reporter Ross Kemp in the Middle East - Gaza ( and it just reminded me how both the ordinary, regular people of the Palestine and Israel try to get on with everyday life despite the war and hate that goes on around them. This again brought me to thinking about a hope for peace to be made in that region. To hear children/the next generation growing up with hate because they have seen loved ones destroyed is enough to move you to tears. To hear a little girl say she hates the other side because her mum and dad were killed and half of her mums head was missing when she was shot. That poor traumatised young girl did nothing but be born to her parent and they and she have had lives cut short. To see a university Law graduate wearing suicide bombs and saying that he was ready to die for the cause truly shows just how mad our world has become. Still I say, let's not give up our hope, otherwise nothing will ever change.

Well done for getting to 2010. Keep up the fight of hope, as to have hope is often about a fight against doubt, fear and anxiety. So if in only one area of your life, be tenacious about keeping your hope alive. Believe me I know what it is like to feel as if you have lost your motivation for life and had I followed those feeling I would not be facing my tomorrow now, so keep on going.

Remember, if you want someone to talk to, who will not judge any aspect of your life (My disclaimer - Please do not make me a collaborationist by breaking the laws of the land (or planning to) and then telling me about it. I am not a solicitor and am not bound by the oath that they have to make. I will pass such information onto the appropiate agencies) then please feel free to drop me a line if I have not completely put you of. I am sure that if you have read enough of my writings you will have a picture of me by now. I do not judge people on their race, religion, sexuality, colour, gender, mental or physical disability or any other category as we are all human beings with complex lives and issues.

So in 21010, please can we all do our best, our part, to be constructive instead of destructive members of our communities and our world. There are too many wars being fought for reasons that are not always clearly defined and that's the ones we publicly know about. Remember the soldiers on the war fronts who are fighting for our governments, who are in the position to represent us the  public. Hold those in position of responsibility to account in a constructive way as it is not easy to lead organisations, much less nations.

lets try and be quick to forgive and slow to anger and if we do have anger, let us control it and not let it control us.

Drop me line anytime.

Love Brother Don
1 Thessalonians 5:21 (New Living Translation)
21 but test everything that is said. Hold on to what is good.

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