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Why Does the church largely play down the reality of demonic attacks

Some of you may know that I also put my blogs on where there are many different writers on a variety of subjects and many different forums.

I saw a message from a chap by the name of Tim on the above title matter and was compelled to reply to him. I think it was two fold really, as I saw many of the mockers and felt that this poor chap was now also having to deal with feeling as if he was insane as well as enduring the attacks he was having.

My reply will be towards the end, but for ease I will put both his question and my reply below, but do take time to read some of the other responses. For me it reminded of the the 2 Timothy chapter 3 vs 5a 'having a form of godliness (religion) but denying it's power'. Too many of the body of Christ walk in fear of things they need not fear.

Like Tim I wrote in a previous blog of the same title as the prementioned scripture Having a form of Godliness (religion) but denying it's power of spiritual experiences of my own and so I do not doubt Tim's experiences for a second.

Tims post - I suffered a terrible attack from demon's, they attached themselves, oppressed and tormented me vigerously. I went to so many pastors and men of God only to find that they wanted nothing to do with the relaity and played it off as pschcological or other secular reasoning when all throughout the bible you see the reality of demonic possession opression and the like, Jesus dealt with it, why don't leaders in the church today, it is SERIOUS!

Brother Don's reply - Hi Paul,

Most people will mock what they don't understand and so reading through many of the replies, I was unsurprised by them.

Are you a Christian? Lot's of churches will have nothing to do with it because they have what the apostle Paul calls 'A form of religion, that denies the power thereof'.

Most people mock issues such as demonic attacks etc as they themselves fear anything that they cannot understand of control. If you are a Christian, then you do not need a pastor to pray for you or lay hands as the power of the risen Christ is in you and all you need do is stop fearing and rebuke such spiritual foolishness in the name of the risen Lord Jesus - Get a bible and turn to the book of Luke, chapter 10 verses 17 to 20.

Be warned though, if you have no relationship with God then do not try and deal with spiritual matters your self otherwise you may end up no better than ther sons of Sceva see the book of acts in the bible, chapter 19 verses 11 to 20.

If you want a church who know the power and the word of God and do not walk in fear of the demonic realm then let me know where you are and I am sure I could recommend some.

Remember, there will always be those who mock, because they don't understand and have not experienced what you experienced. The bible tlaks about people be blinded by their lack of knowledge and there rejection of certain types of knowledge - don't be one of them.

Take a read of some of the comments and you may even feel led to add your own.

God bless you

Love Brother Don
1 Thessalonians 5:21 (New Living Translation)
21 but test everything that is said. Hold on to what is good.

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