Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Be Careful of My Heart...

Many years ago before marriage, before kids, when I was still trying to make sense of my life in my early twenties; there came a woman into the life of Brother Don. This is not a woman who I personally knew, or had a personal relationship with in any way, but she intrigued me, her words held me captive. That woman is the singer 'Tracy Chapman'; what a reality singer. After many years I purchased a CD copy of her 1989 album that I did have on tape cassette (remember them) called 'Crossroads'. The words of the song that is also the title of this post is a message from me to you all. Please be careful of peoples hearts. Some of us are very sensitive, hurt, damaged, trying to trust again... Be careful of our hearts...

You can listen to the song at the link below, but I would strongly recommend adding this lady's CD to your collection. I have also added the lyrics to the song below – Best read whist listening to the song.

Be Careful of My Heart
You and your sweet smile
You and your tantalizing ways
You and your honey lips
You and all the sweet things that they say
You and your wild wild ways
One day you just up and walked away
You left me hurting
But I can forgive you for that now
You taught me something
Something took half my life to learn
When you give all yourself away
Just tell them to be careful of your heart

Be careful of my heart heart
Be careful of this heart of mine
Be careful of my heart heart
It just might break and send some splinters flying
Be careful of my heart heart
Be careful

You you you
You you you
You you you
Took my love
Thought you took it all

You you you
You you you
You you you
Took my love
And now you're gone

But I'm not breaking down
And I'm not falling apart
I just lost a little faith
When you broke my heart
Given a chance
I might try it again
But I wouldn't risk it all this time

I'd save
A little love for myself
Enough for my heart to mend
A little love for myself
One day I just might love again
One day some sweet smile might turn my head
One day I just might give all myself away
One day
One day
One day

Let us not harden our heart to the point where we sing another song from the album called ‘this time’ that is from the perspective of someone protecting themselves and hiding their heart until it feels it has seen enough to then trust. Well Brother Don believes that you have to give our all at the beginning and yes Brother Don knows how difficult that can be.

Hear the song YouTube - Tracy Chapman - This Time and find the lyrics below:

This time
I won't show I'm vulnerable
This time
I won't give in first
This time
I will hold out with my love
This time
I will not be hurt
I'm gonna love myself
More than anyone else
I'm gonna treat me right
I'm gonna make you say
That you love me first
And you'll be the one with the most to lose tonight
This time
This time
I won't let my emotions rule my life
This time
I'm gonna keep my heart looked safe inside
This time
I'm gonna be my own best friend
This time
I'm gonna be the one
To win
Your love
Your affection
To hide
My fear
Of rejection
This time

I don’t know why I feel led to share in this way – THAT A LIE! I believe Father God wants to tell you that He knows the pains that you have felt, whether single or married and that He wants to restore you in order that you may live the abundant life that that He has so richly promised.

May God bless and restore you in Jesus name...

Love Brother Don

1 Thessalonians 5:21 (New Living Translation)
'but test everything that is said. Hold on to what is good.'

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