Sunday, 14 March 2010

Crying out to God...

Brother Don would like to start by saying a very happy mothers day to all of you mothers out there. This includes all women who are playing a mothers role to a child, whether or not you are the maternal mother. God bless you all.

This morning I thought that I would just spend time on me. I intended not to write a post in a sort of ‘be selfish and think about yourself way’, but I tend to fail badly when I try to do this as God always says to me that it’s not about me, but who may benefit from Him using me (even in my state of sadness).

As I read from 1 Samuel 15 (Passage Lookup - Amplified Bible - it again came home to me that God loves it when we are obedient and show our faith by trusting in Him/His word. I know that the act that King Saul was asked to do in this chapter is unlikely to be understood for most outside of the Christian faith and many within for that matter; as we often miss the bigger picture of the Old Testament and so do not get everything into context. Where you are in (or not in), your walk with God will also greatly affect one’s ability to understand God’s heart. Thus causing us to make judgements on issues that we do not have the full understanding or context.

Crying out to God; king Saul was concerned about his image and feared about what he looked like in the eyes of mankind, more than God (1 Samuel 15:24-31 [Key Verse 30] - Passage Lookup - Amplified Bible - Both King Saul and King David, messed up in some big ways, in fact in my opinion I think King David’s murder of Uriah (2 Samuel Chapters 11&12 - Passage Lookup - Amplified Bible - takes some beating when it comes to deception and cruelty, but hey let’s not fool ourselves (or should I direct that at me only), sin is sin, wrong is wrong, and I am no one to judge anyone. What was the primary difference in these two Kings?

All through the Psalms, we see King David crying out to God.
King David Cried out in happy times, sad times, times of repentance
times of despair; but he made it a lifestyle…

Be yourself, but use King David’s example; cry out to Father God who longs to comfort you. I mentioned in a recent post that this Tuesday would be a historic day in my life at around 10am for all the wrong reasons. I have cried out to God so much over these past years in regards to my personal situation, but I have to pass through this fire, this red sea to get to the other side – whatever that may look like.

Yesterday evening I chose not to watch something spiritually uplifting, but instead watched some junk as I was feeling fed up and lonely after my children had gone home. It is amazing how the uplifting DVD that I now watched (ten minute short – but powerful stuff) this morning, seemed to have had even more of an impact as it may have done yesterday evening.

The DVD is from a series and I believe these are excellent ways of sharing Gods heart in a modernistic embracing way, to a modern world. The makers are called NOOMAÒ and the particular short was called Rain (001 Rob Bell). I won’t say too much about it apart from the fact that a story he (Rob) told about himself and his son had me in tears as I thought about my children, and my desire to always want to be there for them when they need me, and also my relationship with God and the feelings that I still have to deal about my dad not being around for the first 18 years of my life. What? Brother Don has issues? You sure right I do; and that’s just one of many… What am I saying; Jesus came for the sick and broken, not those who were not in need (although we all are in some way). This DVD had me again Crying out to God (quite literally) and while I say this, I just want to add –

Stop telling male children or teens or adults, that boys/men do not cry, it nonsense and if men felt safe to cry, maybe our prisons would not be over run. Prisons running over with males who have suppressed their feelings to such an extent that it becomes easy prey for the devil or/and explodes like a volcano, causing havoc in all areas. A volcano is actually quite a metaphor as I have yet to see humanity manage to stop one, as ca be the case when it has just all got too much or gone too far for an individual.

Back to NOOMAÒ; from a heart of encouragement and care, I Brother Don would strongly like to encourage you to check out the website and get some of the products. I have put a link to a story from and everyday person like you and I who was impacted by this caring mission to share good with humanity:

Remember, Father G loves you and He cares.

Love Brother Don

 1 Thessalonians 5:21 (New Living Translation)
‘But test everything that is said. Hold on to what is good’

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