Sunday, 21 March 2010

Lot’s wife & A pillar of salt…

Yes, it would seem that Brother Don either will not or cannot get away from the food theme. To be honest, no longer than an couple of hours ago I dropped my children back to their mothers house and when I was ready to leave, one of my daughters was so distraught and said “daddy I don’t want you to go” as she burst into tears, that made me burst into tears too. Therefore, Lot’s wife, pillars of salt are not the most pressing thoughts on my mind, but the Lord spoke to me through this story about faith or lack of.

I saw a part of one of those epic 60’s films called ‘Sodom & Gomorrah’. even in 1962 they had the habit of mixing up the truth of the bible with artistic license and all of a sudden, all that God had done through Abraham, Lot was (in this film) being accredited for. However, even in the muddy waters of this film, I was still able to receive some thoughts of clarity from above (but I do worry about those who watch these films and take it for the full Biblical trust). In the film, they decided that Lot’s wife was a Sodomian (my naming of a person from Sodom) and that it was due to her origin that she did not believe in Jehovah God naturally and struggled with the faith of her husband. This in the end became her demise; even as they left Sodom, before the obliteration of Sodom; she was not convinced that the warning of ‘looking back to Sodom’ would have any consequence and she talked to herself (in the film) saying that it was ‘Lot’ who deserved the credit for taking the people (yes watch the film, as the Bible had Lot, his wife and two daughter that totals four people), at least a thousand at my quick estimation in the film, out of the pending demolition of Sodom.

The amazing thing that struck me is just this – How difficult it can be for anyone to believe, put faith in Father God; whether three thousand years, three thousand days or even three thousand seconds age. Here was Lots wife, who in the film had seen amazing things (albeit stolen from the truth of Abrahams exploits in the Bible and accredited to Lot in the film), enough to get even Stephen Hawkins (if he had been there), praying in tongues and prophesying to the glory of Yahweh; but yet when it mattered most she could not believe and choose to look back to Sodom, due to a lack of believeth.  It struck me at that moment, how difficult her life must have been and just how torn she must have felt. Judge not least you be judged comes to mind.

Now according to the Bible, it is my understanding that Lot’s wife journeyed to Sodom with him, when He had chosen that location, as he and Abraham’s tribes were at war amongst themselves. So with this in mind I truly do not know what would have caused her to look back at Sodom when it was being destroyed. Was it compassion (I think not), was it that she had liked Sodom (again, I think not – reading about the place, I find it hard to see how any non-Sodomian would have liked the place), so why would she have looked back? This is where the film gives an easier (albeit non-Biblical) account of the issue; it was her home.


The main point for me is just that which I had said previously; how difficult it can be for one to believe, despite what they may have seen.

So the next time you sprinkle a little salt on a meal, remember Lot’s wife and her struggles, as it is the same struggle that we all face. Let us keep each other in prayer always and never become complacent.

God Bless you

Love Brother Don

1 Thessalonians 5:21 (New Living Translation)
‘But test everything that is said. Hold on to what is good’

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