Monday, 31 May 2010

A brief word from brother Don

A brief word from brother Don

I realise that I have not put up a weekly post for a few weeks now. It is important sometimes to just stop and hear from the Lord to ensure that what He has called you to do is still what you are actually doing.

The Lord has been taking me through a process of deliverance of a 40-year-old adversary/enemy that I am sure many of you may know personally too. This enemy is called ‘low self-esteem’. This is the one that tells you that no matter how well you are doing, you are nothing, you are not liked, you are hated and even those around you who are for you are only saying so because they are faking and seeking your eventual, total downfall.

That is the voice of low self-esteem, it is a stealer of souls as some cannot drown out its voice and try to find peace through death (yes it gets that serious).

I am going to get up close and personal, when I tell you that recently the Lord our God told me that the past 40 years of my life had been shadowed by the spirit called low self-esteem. I will share some of its MO (method of operation):

When you suffer from this affliction/spirit, it says things in your own mind such as –

§  Emotional perfectionism – I should always feel happy and confident and in control of my emotions
§  Performance perfectionism – I must NEVER FAIL or MAKE MISTAKES (yeh I know that one).
§  Perceived perfectionism – People will not love and accept me as a flawed and vulnerable human being…. Yeh, we often strut ourselves on FBook and other sites, but are not true to our friend about who and how we feel and are. Let be there for one and other – no more masks...
§  Fear of disapproval or critisiscim (approval addiction) – I/you need everybody’s approval (or you tell yourself that you do not) to be a worthwhile person.
§  Fear of rejection (love addiction) – If I/you are not loved, then life is not worth living.

There is so much more to add and I will in due course, but I wanted to share this snippet, as I truly believe that so many of us are struggling to be at TRUE peace within ourselves, yes I said TRUE peace. Not the substandard levels that we accept because they are less painful and less demanding then expecting the best in our relationships with fellow human beings.

That’s it; I will say no more and this is why I have been silent. You see when you speak out and hit home on some issues, you can get tired of saying what a lot of people are silently (open up your mouths and at least give feedback) are thinking and so you end up thinking that is is a personal issue when truly, if that were the case, you would not spend time writing on a blog about it :O)

A complete side note – I just went to sit in the garden for 10 minute after the last paragraph  as I could hear the birds singing at 17.15 hrs in the afternoon. They seem so untroubled and every morning they also sing their praises and go about their daily business of collecting food and building or reinforcing their nests – How many of them I wonder, get caught up in low self-esteem – zero comes to mind for me on that question.

I do not think I have much of anything left to say so as titled, here ends a brief word:

The end – Love Brother Don

1 Thessalonians 5:21 (New Living Translation)
‘But test everything that is said. Hold on to what is good’

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