Friday, 7 May 2010

Get real!!! ‘The UK Elections'

OK something that is on my mind is this... What do you think about the British Elections polling station lockouts? I’ll tell you my thoughts in a very direct manner – In case you missed it, that’s my disclaimer – it is going to be frank and direct… I say what I say because I am sure others are thinking alike, if not, well I am used to doing solo...

My thoughts are that it is our responsibility to vote and there are ways to do this including by post. So being that the polling offices are open from 7am to 10pm (15hrs) is it not our responsibility (usually only once every 4 years) to get up earlier, or come home slightly earlier to vote or do it postal, maybe give up the lunch break? Yeah, Yeah, maybe the officials could have brung those constituents who were locked out and crammed them in the voting office (that would have been another issue), but again for me; it's about responsibility rather than shouting about our democratic rights. A few hundred people are locked out and we talk about legal challenges... Good job we are not still having to shed blood to get a vote as has been the case in history in many countries, as many of us would have wasted a lot of blood with no real outcome.

When will people stop shouting about their rights and start becoming more responsible and socially aware?

A scenario then:

Brother Don wakes up on election day and feels that it is an inconvenience for him to have to get out of his bed any earlier to go and vote, albeit that he has been shouting the odds about issues such as MP expenses and the lack of representation of the people in the club aka Houses of commons/lords. So the brother Don has an opportunity for the first time (in how many years?) to voice his opinion via an X in a ballot sheet. Well says the brother Don, it should be easier (yes maybe it should) and so although most people road block the ballot offices in the evenings, “I am going to do my thing (vote) at that time”, Oh you are, are you?  Well brother Don, take a flask with you, as it may be a long wait.

The brother Don arrives at the ballot office to find, not a red carpet to a new film premier of which he is the headliner, no - but a long queue, with others who have for various (and I am sure bonefide) reasons, that have left it to LAST MINUTE.COM to cast their vote also. Incidentally, do not get carried away with the politicians talking about a broken electoral system. What are they basing that upon? I would love to get the statistic on the amount of people who did vote against those who got there late. If it had been a clear majority vote, the winners would be defending the current electoral system.

Side Note – If you arrive late for you plane, train or coach and it has left the building as Elvis did, do you launch a legal challenge??? or do you try your best to do better next time??? Learn to leave enough time for you to complete your task and move on or do you hit the legal books to see if your democratic right to board your plane whenever you want because you have purchased your ticket has been infringed.

To coin a phrase – ‘Don’t get caught up in the hype’ especially that of politicians and those who control politicians and economic structures – check out my last blog and view the video link.

Back to the Brother Don at the polling station… So Brother Don loses his cool, because he feels that although he had 15 hours to vote in the day and an option of a postal vote, his democratic rights are being infringed, because he left it to the last hours to do his thing! and put his X where it counts.

Well we commend you Brother Don and all of the fellow constituents who wanted to vote towards the final hours, but would advise that the postal option or an earlier start be considered next time around…

Now I know that there are many reasons why people get caught up in the last hours of voting and a polling station running out of ballot papers is like me trying to plug in an electrical appliance to my water tap or expecting to get water from an electricity point ‘Bloody (excuse the phrase) ridiculous’. However people please… sort yourselves out and don’t mess with a system that has worked for how many years??? Because you couldn’t get your thing sorted on time. The other 95% (a calculated guess) of us are quite happy thank you and although we may not have got our party in and may have lost some sleep, we overcame all adversity and got our cross in our ‘democratic right to choose’ X upon the ballot sheet.

Stop complaining people, change your pattern the next time there is an election and you’ll get to vote… if we change everything, every time someone misses out there will be no balance…. Madness is doing the same thing and expecting different results – What are you prepared to change?

I had to get that off my chest and don’t get me started on how my week has been :O) or should it be :Oo

Peace out…

Love Brother Don

 1 Thessalonians 5:21 (New Living Translation)
‘But test everything that is said. Hold on to what is good’

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